About us

"Welcome to Six Pistols, where curated vintage finds meet a passion for timeless style! My name is Tereza, a dedicated fashion enthusiast who has spent years meticulously collecting luxury vintage pieces. Today, I am thrilled to open the doors of Six Pistols and share my carefully curated treasures with the world. Each item in our store has been handpicked with love and a discerning eye, reflecting my personal taste and appreciation for the cool, unique, and collectible. From iconic designer pieces vintage gems, Six Pistols is a haven for those seeking one-of-a-kind fashion statements that transcend time. Join me on this journey through decades of style, and let the stories of these pieces unfold as they find new homes and fashion enthusiasts to embrace their charm at Six Pistols <3"



At Six Pistols, our mission is to redefine sustainable fashion by curating a selection of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories that embody timeless style and luxury.